About The Jeweler

André Godbout has practiced the crafts of jeweler and goldsmith since 1982, spending more than two decades refining his craft and creating pieces displaying exceptional quality and innovative design.

In addition to being a superb craftsman, he has an approach to business that centers on personnal client care and reliability you can count on.

Godbout's appreciation of beauty and nature clearly stand out in his work, such as his range of wedding bands, traditional jewelry, and his own creations, primarily crafted from 18K gold and exquisite gems. His passion for wildlife watching show up as recurrent themes in his pieces.

While his pieces have been on sale and showcased at his boutique for nearly 30 years, many people across Canada and United States have been introduced to his orchid jewelry and his work during his many shows.

His orchid-jewel collection and custom-made jewelry are now available in United States.

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